Welcome to Hales Sinker Supply.

Welcome to Hales Sinker Supply. We are starting to add some new sinkers this week. We will be adding 1, 2 and 3lb. Rock Cod sinkers. We will also be adding larger Pyramid Sinkers up to 24 oz. We have also started building custom ice fishing rods and will be putting them up for sale soon. Along with the ice rods we will be selling ice jigs as well. If you dont see them listed just ask and we will let you know what we have currently stocked. If you would like to have a custom ice rod built how you want just send us an email and we can send you a quote. Thank You for checking out Hales Sinker Supply.

Our online store is currently closed for maintenance.
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If you need immediate assistance, please e-mail us at halessinkersupply@gmail.com.